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  • Nikolay A. Samartsev

Nikolay A. Samartsev

Year of birth - 1961


Programmer (graduated from special technical school in Ufa in 1980). Began from "Assembler" now I'm a qualified specialist on PC.

After graduation I designed first russian personal computers named "AGAT" and "KORVET". Their processors now are equal standard microcontrollers. Before economical crysis in 1998 have a small business on such a PC and TV-games based on Motorola chips.

After 1998 I was the system administrator of the "ARGUMENTY I FACTY" (Arguments & Facts) newspaper.

Now I'm a manager of the tech-branch of an advertizing company.

Hobbies: "country map-running" and building models from paper.

Married. Have two sons.
Older - Alexander is the 4-th year student of MIFI (Moscow Physical Institute), dept. of cybernetics.
Younger - Vsevolod is just graduated from ordinary school and will go to the Moscow State University (MGU).
Wife - Tatiana - have had a second degree and work as a school psycologist. She likes photography and has a great collection of the Moscow architecture pictures.

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