To Russian

Halloween Party 2002 in University of Windsor

Russian Jedi in Windsor

All photos was taken by my own with digital camera at timer mode.
No digital computer correction!

Some photos in front
of the Detroit-city of USA
There is a very good
Wallpaper 1024x768
- you can Download (104K)
In front of the University of Windsor
Amaizing effect
Look at the brightness! No lamps, just saber!
Wearing Jedi suit

There is a video sample of our saberfighting
(actually we use different sabers for it -
my saber could be broken in case of fighting)
high quality
Download Video, 17 sec, 5Mb

Ignition Device

Here is the shematic of the Device. All parts
can be easily found in RadioShack and
DigiKey Catalogue. It will cost you about 120 canadians.
To achieve best result you should adjust of frequancy
by vary the C1 capacitor and signal width by vary R2&R2a resistors.
You may temporarily replace these with trimmer as shown:


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